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Website Maintenance Services

Your website is an integral part of your company. Your website serves as the heart of your marketing and sales support, helps generate new business and facilitates customer maintenance and support.

Keep Your Website Up-to-date For many businesses keeping a website up to date is a problem that can be associated to the lost of customers and revenue. If you would like to have a dedicated staff available to keep your site up to date without having to pay for a full time employee than Suryaditya Technologies Pvt. Ltd. website maintenance services may be right for you. Our services empower you to stay competitive, reduce your overhead and manage from a proactive position.

Our services are customizable for you individual business needs. With our Website Management Service, Suryaditya Technologies Pvt. Ltd. can take care of all aspects of your website for you, including:

Do You Need Our Website Maintenance Services?

Suryaditya Technologies Pvt. Ltd. website maintenance services are ideal for small to medium size Business Entity that rely on their website for everyday business operations but do not want the hassle of constantly updating it. We can provide you with regular content updates, necessary back-ups, email management, technical support, and the regular marketing of your website. Our services are geared specifically for companies that do not have their own in-house web support staff and want to ensure that their website is well maintained and constantly caught up to date.

What Costs are Associated with Website Maintenance Services

We charge around Rs. 1,000/- per month for our website maintenance services but its vary depending on the size of the website and level of service needed.

How quickly are Updates Performed?

Most requested changes can be done within a day or just depends on the work size. It’s very often that your updates have been completed within 2 hours after getting request.

How Do We Get Started?

Please call at Suryaditya Technologies Pvt. Ltd. We believe that a methodical support is needed to successfully start any engagement. We would like to talk to you about the specifics of your needs and understand your website maintenance needs. After understanding your needs, we present a detailed project proposal outlining our deliverables and timelines. And after your confirmation we just start our work.